The Team

Gowlland September 2007 001Who Are We?

The team of men leading you on this expedition of the heart, this safari of the soul and this journey into freedom, have been walking together as a band of brothers for over 10 years.  We are followers of Jesus who have experienced the breath of God breathing on the dry bone of our lives.  We are men who have now given ourselves to walk together in life and in this mission to somehow facilitate the breath of God breathing on the dry bones of men’s lives so that they come alive and stand up together as a vast army for good.

Our core leadership team is comprised of Brad Gay (Kelowna), Ben Nyland (Vancouver), Stephen Davis (Mill Bay) and Dave MacLean (Kelowna).  We have other good men join us to help lead the boot camp experience.

Are we “professional ministers”?  No.  We are men who have been called by Jesus – like you – to wholeheartedly walk with Him in the epic adventure called the Kingdom of God.  We are all men who work in the marketplace.  Are we perfect?  No.  We are broken, weak and foolish men who have been transformed and are being transformed by the work of Jesus Christ and the wonderful regenerating work of the Holy Spirit to become more like Christ.  We believe above all else we are beloved sons of our Heavenly Father who have been asked by Him to help bring His life to men in the Church in Canada.  We are all men who are part of the local church and who desire to serve and equip the local church to be all who God has called us to be.

Our goal is to awaken men’s hearts to the life Jesus has for us; to discover our place in this epic adventure called the Kingdom of God; to understand the nature of the opposition set against us; and then learn how to fight for all the life God has for us and for others through us.

We believe God is on the move and has invited us to join Him.

It is to this movement that we now invite you.

An Invitation to Live in God-breathed Wholeheartedness.