The Message

Sons.  Brothers.  Husbands. Fathers.

superheroLife.  Strength.  Identity.  Purpose.  Passion.  Victory.  Are these not key desires set in the hearts of men?  There is a strength, a wildness, a passion, a glory in the heart of man placed there by God. We want to be the hero. We want to save the day. We want to live the adventure, to take the risks and to ‘dare the mighty thing’.  We want to live passionately with purpose.  We want to live wholeheartedly.  We want to make sure that our lives count for something, for someone.

At least we did as boys.  Unfortunately, as men, we typically feel hopeless, helpless and harmless.   We seem to have somehow lost heart. Life has in many ways crushed our dreams and damaged our desires.  Somehow we are missing the life that God has created us for and called us into.  But, deep down there is a flickering flame, a seed of hope, a divine restlessness reminding us that we have been created for greater things.

“…Breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet – a vast army.”

dry bonesEzekiel 37 speaks of the Lord transforming dry, lifeless bones into a vast, living, breathing, united army – ready for His marching orders.  We believe that this is what the Lord is up to in the lives of men today.  He wants to breathe life into men, fill them with strength and give them purpose – a band of brothers, an army of lovers.

This ‘boot camp of the heart’ is your opportunity to take a 4 day guided journey into the recovery and release of your masculine soul.  You will learn what it means to recover your heart – to be called into life and take your place in this epic adventure called the Kingdom of God.

Together, let us fight for the life Jesus promised us.

Join us.

An Invitation to Live in God-breathed Wholeheartedness.