alive againHere is a sampling of how men have described their experience at the boot camp:

Kyle C The Lord used the weekend in a profound way in my life, in my heart, and deep within my spirit. During the weekend, the Lord met me with an intensity that I have never experienced before. The Spirit of Heaviness was broken in my life, and the Lord assured me repeatedly, and in unique and personal ways, that I am indeed counted among the Sons of the Most High.


A truly awesome experience. My heart was asleep and is now awoken. I feel like a giant floodlight was turned on in the dark. I have never before heard God speak to me in such a plain, simple, yet undeniable way. Clay W


Ted P Wow! What a fantastic experience. I had read the book and seen the DVD series prior to attending the boot camp – they were a taste of what was to be this weekend. This weekend, however, is a taste and glimpse into what God desires for his men.


I came to my second Boot Camp with new questions and doubts about God’s ability to show up. He forgave my doubt and blessed me with more glimpses of His glory for me. God healed new wounds and strengthened me to step out and give Him the credit for the changes. See you at the next Boot Camp. Jeff H


Lawrence M Fabulous weekend. This experience has touched my heart. It allowed me to recognize my warrior spirit within, equipping myself to shed the insecurities that extinguish the value of my personal calling in Christ – freedom to start this ‘man’ journey of life.


Incredible weekend! Thank you so much for bringing me back to the battle. It is so easy to get lost in the passivity of life. When I read Wild At Heart it went into my head, but this weekend brought the message to my heart. Thank you for helping me live life from my heart and not from my over-analyzing head. Kevin H


Bubba Thank you for allowing me to experience the passion that God has put in my heart and releasing me to walk in that.


God has really worked in my life by showing me the lies and how I need to start fighting the battle for my heart, my wife and my four children. God has done an amazing thing in my life this weekend and made me ready and willing to fight the battle. C H


David E This message is an absolute need – like air, food and water. For a man to rediscover and take back his heart and begin healing the wounds and becoming strong for battle.


This has completed the job of bringing me totally out of bondage that I know Christ has wanted for me. He has now created an opportunity for the spirit to work in and through me to bring my fellow brothers in Christ out of bondage. Richard R


James L There is no way someone can come here and not have their heart changed. God opened the doors to me this weekend to things which have been shut all my life.


Jesus spoke to me this weekend. I came here hoping to find guidance and direction in one small area of my life. What Jesus did for me was help me to take a step back. He gave me a different perspective on my own life. He helped me to finally realize that there is so much more going on in this world than what I deal with in my day-to-day activities. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes. This has been nothing less than a life-changing event. Jason G


Ross M Really has changed my life. God has reopened my eyes. Bless you.


This weekend I learned the source of the lie. And, what’s more, I heard the voice of God. He revealed to me the true enemy. He revealed to me my true heart and true calling as a son who He wants to experience all that He has for me. I am a WARRIOR. There is a BATTLE that He has called me to. ALL the glory is His. Thanks you Jesus. Jordan M


Ron M Thanks for a fantastic weekend! I experienced healing, revelation and spiritual awakening to who I am before God and how He wants to touch and change my heart. I also experienced the additional joy of seeing God work in my son’s life. I can’t imagine any man not benefiting from an event like this.


I know without a doubt this weekend will have a profound effect on my marriage – one that no self-help book could ever have. Marcus I


Lorne B It is encouraging to see how God is at work among the men in our area. That men from different backgrounds and faiths can come together under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit and band soul and spirits together to face the enemy in battle together.


Thanks for the awesome experience! I feel like I was “loved on” this weekend by Jesus with the help of you guys! And, this awesome facility – it was humbling. It’s not so much what I can take away from this, it’s more about what I can leave behind – shame, fear, addictions, etc. Larry S


Chris M I think Jesus is going to love the new freedom He is going to have in my heart! Bring on the great adventure.


Thank you for an incredible, authentic, spiritual experience. This has helped me to achieve some clarity in my relationship with Jesus, with myself and with my wife and kids. What a great foundation to build on. Now it is time for me to slowly draw out their hearts. Shane A


Ken M Jesus spoke to me in a powerful way that I haven’t heard in years. After having my butted kicked spiritually over the last few years, I am recovering the strength to take the “point” in the battle. There is so much I’d like you guys to know, but space and time doesn’t allow it here. Thank you for being faithful to act on the vision God has given you!


I am new to Christ. This has been an intimidating, enlightening and exhilarating experience. Thanks for the great weekend and the challenge. Thomas T


Richard W The whole boot camp was a mountain top experience. The message was extremely well communicated. My life is changed for the better. Passivity is not an option.


I faced considerable challenge to get here, but it was worth it. In the very last few minutes before the end of the last session, God spoke to me and in a way that took my breath away. I’m leaving with a perspective that has eluded me for 21 months and I am so THANKFUL. Daniel D


Bob E “The past weekend changed my life! I just wanted to personally thank you and the rest of the band of brothers for putting on such an awesome boot camp. The camp touched my heart in areas that I did not know even existed. I always thought that the Wild At Heart message was a good one, but I did not really feel that it had such life altering implications as I discovered through the teaching on the weekend. I was finally able to discern the word of God in my own life. I am not just speaking hypothetically here, I actually heard God speak directly to me for the first time in my life. Please stick with this message and keep impacting Men’s lives for the Kingdom.”


“I came here expecting something, but not what happened. This weekend God reached into my chest, massaged my heart and got it beating again. It’s so empowering and freeing to have that pinnacle moment when you are alone with God and your mind is actually so clear and focused that you actually hear God speaking to you. This weekend I heard God’s message for me and now it’s time – time to mount up, ride with my Lord and fight the battle.” Sean V


Jeff H “I came to this camp in search of my heart and found it. God spoke to me in a powerful and meaningful way. I found my heart. I castrated the poser and blew open the doors of my image. Now I begin a journey to discover who I am in God’s eyes.”


“I can honestly say that I got my heart back this weekend. I am going back with a real sense of purpose in my life. I am a man on a mission. I want to set the captives free. I want to fight first of all for my wife and my three precious daughters. And, then I want to go into the world and make a difference. I refuse to listen to any more lies of the devil who’s been trying to convince me that I didn’t have what it takes. I am now so aware of the enemy whose goal is to take me and my family down. But I’m a warrior. I am not going to let that happen. Please do more of these camps. I want to tell other guys about this message. This is way too awesome not to continue!” David D


Joerg H “I want to live on purpose. My heart belongs to my saviour Jesus Christ. I have missed living my story, my adventure – missing the blessings Christ has for me! I have found my heart, how to recognize God’s words in my life. I count it a privilege to be called a son of God! My life will be different after this camp – it has begun – here we go…together.”


“My heart has been renewed with hope and courage. Thank you Lord for showing me how to use the full armour of God. Thank you team leaders for your courageous fight to recruit many men into the freedom and adventure of being a real man of God.” Stacy


Todd B “This weekend I regained my freedom! Thanks to a fierce band of brothers that went to war against he enemy for me! God told me again who I am and what I am here for. And, yes, I do have what it takes.”


“I came here and realized there is so much more in God’s heart for me. It was like waking up from being asleep. God spoke to me in ways that He never has before. And, there is so much more…” Ian R


Troy M “I heard the voice of God – more clearly than I ever have before. I truly am wasted for anything less than living the adventure! I didn’t realize that God would show me so much more that what I learned through the book and DVD series.”


“I started to discover the source of my validation as a man, and it is not my work or my wife. I started to discover more ways to win the heart of my beauty and fight for my children. I started to discover how to catch a lightning bolt in one hand and a tear in the other.” Perry H


James H “This has been the most incredible weekend! I am truly leaving here a changed man. I am leaving here a man! My heart has wants, desires and feelings again. Just that alone makes this weekend worthwhile. I have learned that this does not have to be just another great weekend to be forgotten about. This is the start of an epic tale, the great adventure – my purpose!”


“God was able to break through barriers and free the oppressed. What you guys are doing is dangerous. Thanks for risking all for the glory of God. Press on.” Tim


Clint B “I have come away with a renewed mindset that says, I have a destiny and purpose that involves me moving in rank with other God fearing men, but also involves me taking my place with the weapons that I have been uniquely created to wield and use. I like knowing that caring for my family is fighting for them. I know that I have weapons in me that are far more powerful that something that is man made.”


I had hit absolute bottom coming into this boot camp and came out of there alive, ready to fight for and defend the hearts I let the enemy steal away from me. I decided to see if this sticks or if I was just caught up in the moment. It STUCK….. I am having the time of my life, I am closer to my wife, my kids, my business is doing great, I just see things differently. I know who I am, I have seen the man God created me to be and you know what, it is hard work becoming that man, constantly battling the flesh. Anyway, my life has become a better place to be and my walk with Christ is more exciting than I could have ever imagined. Please except my thanks, in fact, one week after I was back home my wife looks over at me and says “I want what you have”, within one week she saw change and the change is good. Stephen

An Invitation to Live in God-breathed Wholeheartedness.